English courses

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Which courses are taught in English?

Most online courses in the academy are Dutch spoken. Our team is working hard on expanding our offer with English courses. So far, Studytube has developed the following courses in English: 

  • Presenting: easier than you think
  • Creative thinking: the key to innovation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Business Ethics
  • Adobe Reports & Analytics
  • Lean Management: Yellow Belt (English)
  • Personal Energy: vitality in your work
  • Forklift Theory
  • Reach Truck Theory
  • Small Internal Transport Theory
  • Forklift, Reach truck and SIT Theory
  • Model Baarda for Reward Management
  • Know This About Your Brain
  • Focusing Skills
  • Understanding Personality Types at Work
  • Practical Mindfulness
  • Improve Your Recovery Skills
  • Present in Interaction
  • Everyday Mind Skills
  • High Performing Team
  • Coaching Leadership
  • Better Feedback
  • Sleep Better in Five Weeks
  • Navigating Conflicts
  • Improve Positivity
  • Growth Mindset
  • Cope Better with Change – Develop Your Resilience
  • View of Humanity
  • Digital Interaction and Virtual Teams – Develop Trust Online
  • A Beginner's guide to Digital Teamwork Tools

Hopefully you like them! If not, we are continuously expanding our offer, so keep checking out our library. 

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