How can I start a learning item again?

Modified on Mon, 11 Sep 2023 at 09:56 AM

With some certifications and/or qualifications you must repeat the same learning item(s) every year to stay up-to-date. By following a learning item that has already been completed again, you can requalify or recertify.

When you have completed an online course or learning track but you want to or have to follow it again, it is possible to start it again. With a completed online course you can start the course again using the button 'Restart online course'. The course will be immediately opened. This works the same as with a learning track, press on 'Restart learning track'. 

Note! This is only possible for online courses and learning tracks.

Bear in mind that when you choose to restart an online course or learning track, all answers that have been given and all assignments that have been made will be lost. Should you want to save these, you must first save them offline, for example in a document.

Any qualification that has been obtained which is linked to the learning item will also be cancelled. You can qualify again by completing the learning item.

In addition, a Studytube certificate that has been obtained, if it was generated after completion of the learning item, will also be deleted when you restart the course. You can obtain them again by completing the learning item again. 

When restarting a learning track, your attendance in events and external courses will not be removed! Only your learning history of micro learnings and online courses will be removed, so that you can follow them again.

As an extra check to warn you against this a confirmation has been set up after you have clicked on 'Restarted online course/learning track'. In this pop-up you must confirm that you are aware of the consequences of restarting the course by clicking on 'Yes' or 'No'.

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