Qualification reporting and qualification progress at role level

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 02:36 PM

In the LMS under the heading 'Reporting > Qualifications' you will find the summary of all qualifications that have been set.

Via the search bar you can search by user name or email address. On this page you will also find a filter where you can make a selection on the following data points:

  1. Title qualification

  2. Qualification status (qualified or not qualified)

  3. Qualification validity status

  4. Team

  5. Role (under which the qualification is classified)

  6. Role title

  7. Mandatory qualification

  8. Exemption

Sorting is possible on the following data points by clicking on the arrows at the top of the summary:

  1. User

  2. Date achieved

  3. Expiration

It is also possible to export the data to an Excel report when you click on the 'Generate report' button. If you have set a filter you can opt to generate the results through your filter or to generate a report with all results.

The data can differ depending on your permissions. If you possess permission for 'All users', all user data can be viewed. A team manager will only be allowed to view qualifications of users from his/her own team.

Progress of qualification at role level

In addition to qualification reports, it is now also possible to view qualification progress at role level. This can be found by going to 'Reports > Roles’. This functionality enables managers to remain abreast of all roles and statuses with regard to the user qualifications. This allows managers to follow users in all roles and take suitable actions to help them remain qualified. The visibility depends on the manager’s permissions.

In this summary it is possible to filter by role, role title and role status.

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