How do I assign a qualification or role?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 02:32 PM

You can assign a qualification or role from the 'All users' summary in the LMS, this can be done per person or by means of a bulk action by selecting several users. 

You can do this at individual level by linking the role or assigning the qualification separately if the role has already been correctly assigned. Select the user and then click on 'Assign a qualification' in the dark bar that slides into view. Choose the right qualification(s) and indicate if relevant that it is a requirement and click on 'assign'. If you want to assign a role, you go through the same steps, only then you choose 'Assign a role’ in the black bar.

It is also possible to assign a qualification or role in one go to all users in the academy. If you select the select box above the users, the option 'Select all' will appear in blue in the black bar at the top of the page. This bar will show the actions which you can execute in bulk. By clicking on 'Assign role’ or 'Assign a qualification' you can immediately assign this to all users.

The user will be notified by email when a qualification or role is assigned.

In 'My Learning > Qualifications' users can view what learning items are necessary to become qualified. As LMS manager, after you assign, a warning will appear in the picture whether the visibility status of linked learning items is correct. This helps you to prevent linking invisible learning items to a qualification.

It is also possible to automate the assigning of qualifications to users by setting automated triggers. You can find more information about this in this FAQ article. In the same FAQ article you can read how you can assign roles (often linked to a qualification) by means of an automated trigger.

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