How do I assign qualifications via an automated trigger?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 02:33 PM

Assigning learning items and managing qualifications can take a great deal of time and it is easy to overlook things.

Automated triggers can be seen as the auto-pilot of your LMS. By setting an Automated Trigger, you can assign qualifications and roles without thinking about them yourselves. 

By setting a number of criteria you can ensure that the management of qualifications is automated.

To assign a qualification / role automatically, navigate in the LMS to the menu item 'Trigger for automation' and then click on the blue button 'Create new trigger' at the top right.

A pop-up window opens in which you must define the name of the trigger. You can then configure the trigger.

Information Area

Provide a description for the trigger. Be as clear as possible so that you or other LMS managers can easily understand at a later stage which action(s) this trigger applies to.

Trigger Area

Now define which event should trigger the automatic assignment of a qualification/role. You can link the automatic assignment of a qualification or a role to various triggers:

  • User joins the Academy
  • User joins a team
  • User becomes LMS Manager
  • User is assigned a job title (function)
  • The user completes a learning content
  • When a request for external training is confirmed

If necessary, specify for whom this trigger should apply (e.g. only for team X or employees with language setting 'English'.

Click on 'Save' and then decide whether the trigger should only apply to future employees/events or also to existing employees.

Action Area

Now determine the action that should be triggered. For example, you can determine that every employee who joins 'Team X' with the job title 'Y' is automatically assigned the 'Qualification Role A'. 

When setting the automatic trigger, you can also immediately specify whether a role should be revoked if an employee no longer meets the requirements of the trigger. This automates the revocation of qualifications associated with roles.

The staff member is notified by email when a qualification is assigned.

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