Requesting an external course

Modified on Mon, 11 Sep 2023 at 10:20 AM

How do you request an external course via the Studytube DLI?

If the academy with which you are affiliated makes use of the digital learning intermediary (DLI), you can request (external) courses and certifications from external trainers via Studytube. This article tells you how this process works.

♦ The external courses are referred to in the platform with the standard term 'External content'. It is possible that the application manager(s) of your academy have a different name for this, e.g. 'Classical courses'.

♦ When you click on this you will find the entire learning offer in the academy. Via the filter options on the left-hand side of the page you can filter by, e.g., date, category, name of the trainer, language, etc. You can search by course title via the search bar in the top right corner. Note, other types of learning items will be displayed. By clicking on 'External content' you come to the specific results. 

♦ If you have found the desired external course, click on the course to end up on the information page. You can request the course here by clicking on the button 'Request this course'. 

♦ You will now end up in the request screen. You can fill in additional information on this screen. It is possible that you must check and possibly add to your personal details. You can also add a reference or special comments as information for the manager who will review the request. Then select the desired date and location, as the last step to accept the conditions of the academy with regard to requesting an external course. 

Depending on the academy's settings, you must also make a choice between individual or academy budget. In the first case the course that you want to pay will be paid from your individual budget. In the second case a general (team) budget must be selected by your manager after you have sent the request.

♦ When you have sent the request, an email will be sent to your manager asking him or her to review it. In addition, you will also receive an email in which you can find the details of the request as well as the request ID. This ID always starts with a # followed by five numbers. When the manager has selected the right budget and the request has been internally reviewed, it will be sent to the trainer. You will receive an email about this for this step in the process.

♦ The request must now be reviewed by the trainer. The trainer can approve or reject the request, or propose another date if the proposed date is, e.g., already fully booked. In all cases you will receive a notification about this. If after 3 days your request is still awaiting a review by the trainer, the trainer will receive a reminder email to review your request.

♦ When the request has been approved it will be definite. You will be expected on the date in question. The trainer will share further information by email.

♦ Should the request be rejected, a reason is usually given for the rejection. For example, the course is full or has been cancelled. You can request the same or a similar course again.

♦ If the trainer proposes another date, you will receive an email about this too. This will include a link with which you can accept or reject the new proposal. In the 1st case the trainer must still approve the request before the request will have been definitely approved. In the 2nd case the trainer can opt to cancel the request or propose another date. You can propose another date from the offer yourself. If the trainer approves this, the request will be definite.

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