How do I create a new training course?

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Nice that you are going to create a new training! Here is the step-by-step plan to do this as completely as possible so you can use the portal optimally for your offerings.


First of all, you need to log into the provider portal with the email address you are linked to.

Are you ready? Go to 'trainings' after which a drop-down menu will appear and choose 'trainings' again. At the top right you will see the option 'create new training', choose it. Then a menu appears and you choose a name that covers the training. After that you make the choice for a scheduled or flexible training. Below you can read what the difference between the two is.

Scheduled training

As the name might suggest, this is a training with a pre-selected date (and location). If you choose this, a screen will open where you can enter all the necessary information under 'details', such as: the type of training, the language, you can add an image, the certificates to be obtained and more. Go through each tab starting with 'details' up to 'details request'. Always click 'save' before moving to the next tab such as from 'details' to 'standard registration'.

If you scroll up again you will see the 'dates and locations' tab. Click on this and then choose 'add new date' and enter a date. You can then add a location, or choose to do so later. To add the location later, click the 'determine location later' slider. For a training request to be approved, dates must be selected by the applicant. So it is important to keep accurate records of the dates. 

Does your training consist of multiple days? Then click on 'add a date' under 'dates and times'. This shows that this training consists of multiple contact moments. When all required fields are filled in, click on 'publish'. If you have forgotten something, you will be notified. That is very clear!

Flexible training

This form of training does not require adding dates and location. This is the case, for example, with online training. The dates for this can then be specified later, at the time of an application. An example is an e-learning or a digital exam that the applicant can take at a time that suits him/her.

Choose a name for your training and click on 'create'. Here you need to fill in all the details to present your training as complete as possible. You will notice that you are not asked for dates and locations (which is the case with a scheduled training). Go through each tab under 'details', starting from 'data' to 'details request'. Always click 'save' before moving to the next tab such as from 'data' to 'standard registration'.

Now you have completed all the steps to publish a training.

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